LOB in a nutshell

What: LOB is a studentcruise for anyone anywhere! It’s made for students and student-minded people. Set sail to Stockholm and back.

Where: Silja Line Cruiseship

When: 28.-30.11.2021

Age limit: minimum age 18 years

Theme: End of prohibition

Program: here

Dresscode: Theme related costume and/or overalls

Ticket sale: Kide.app

NOTE! LOB program and benefits available only when tickets are bought from tour official site! More info about the cruise and program from LOB cruise.

Silja Line regulations and rules of order are valid for the whole duration of the LOB cruise.

It is prohibited to bring your own alcoholic beverages and music playback devices (for example portable speakers) to the ship. Passenger bags will be checked prior to boarding.

Ship information

We are going to travel with Silja Symphony. The tax free store will be open both on the outbound and the return trip. The Wi-Fi on board is free - you'll be able to use the Wi-Fi with a code found on your ticket. If any problems occure during the cruise, please contact the information desk (deck 7).     

You can drink beverages bought from the restaurants and bars all around the ship. You are not allowed to drink beverages bought in the tax free shop aboard the ship. The ship’s crew can also make temporary regulations so remember to behave!

You'll find more information about the ship, food and drinks, stores and cruise program on Tallink Silja's web page.

What should I pack?

All passengers has a cabin where all belongings can be kept. The same cabin will serve both ways of the cruise. The cabin is provided with sheets and towels - so no need to do heavy packing. But there's some things that might be good to have with you.

Here's a useful list:

•         Identification - Passport / ID card 

•         Cash - cards don’t work 100 percent of the time

•         Hygiene products - make the trip nicer for other people too

•         Swimwear - if you’d like to visit the spa

•         Costume and/or overalls

•         Party mode!

At the harbour

The cruise takes off at Olympiaterminaali (Olympiaranta 1). The easiest way to arrive to the harbour is by using public transportation.

Every LOBster will get an envelope by presenting their ID. The envelope contains the boarding pass, the program etc. Each participant gets a wristband which will allow them to participate in the LOB program. Keep the wristband on your wrist for the whole cruise! Note that everyone need to get their own envelope - booking number is not needed.

You can claim your envelope from the LOB booth from 1 pm until 4 pm. Arrive on time, because boarding starts at 3.00 pm and there will be lines. The cruise’s Opening show is at 4:30 pm at Atlantis Palace! You'll also need to be on board latest at 4:30 as the ship will leave the harbour.

There will be a baggage check at the gates to ensure that LOB passengers don’t take their own alcoholic beverages or other forbidden items on the ship.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Question: Can I attend the LOB program on board, if I buy tickets via Tallink Silja?

Answer: Unfortunately no. You'll only be able to attend the programs of LOB by buying the tickets via us.

Question: One person from our cabin got sick, can we change the name?

Answer: Yes you can, even until the departure day, but a service fee might occure.

Question: My wristband ripped/ fell off already during the Opening show. Can I still attend the LOB program?

Answer: You won't be able to attend the program without the wristband, but just ask one of the LOB team members for a new one in exchange for the damaged one.

Question: I can't get a full cabin. Can I only buy a place from a cabin?

Answer: Unfortunately we do not have the possibility to only sell a place from a cabin, but instead you could look for a group to share the cabin with for example on the Facebook event. You can also book a cabin even though it isn't full and complete the amount of passengers closer to the cruise.

Question: Is it possible to buy meals beforehand?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to book meals at the same time as you buy the tickets. You can also add them on the booking before the departure date of the cruise.

Question: Why might it be more expensive to buy a cabin via LOB than via Tallink Silja?

Answer: The price includes much more than just the cabin; e.g. the LOB special program, the overall badge and the wristband!