LOB crew


LOB student cruise is an event for non-profit organization Poikkitieteellinen Pursiseura ry (aka Interdisciplinary Yacht club Association) or as we like to be known LOB crew. Our crew consist of students, future students and people who have already graduated in all lines of studies. Everyone is welcome to join our crew to improve student culture and organize awesome events.

Note that our association’s internal communication and materials are in Finnish so some level of language proficiency is needed.



Our values

We at LOB crew improve student culture, interdisciplinary and students’ equality. We want to provide unbelievable experience of student culture to all students.

Our values are equality, interdisciplinary, doing things together and always improving our activity.


LOB crew’s board

The association is run by our board

Linda Mellin: President

Laura Pöllänen: Vice-president

Janne Silajärvi: Financial manager

Marianne Awad: Head of Marketing

Teemu Kiiski: Head of programteam

All e-mails are firstname.lastname@lobille.fi