All LOB cruise tickets are bought by cabins and all cabins are for four people. You can also buy cabins with 1-3 people, but the price stays the same. The whole cabin is reserved by one person and is paid in full at the time of the reservation.

Information needed from the passengers: first and last name birth, date of birth, gender, nationality (if other than finnish), phone number, e-mail and Club One membership number, if you have one.

You can also buy with discount meals when you are making the reservation: Christmas Buffet 38,50 € and Sea Breakfast 11,50 €.

NOTE! Only with the tickets bought from LOB’s official ticket sale you can participate in LOB’s program and get other LOBster benefits!

On the cruise we have our own official photographer who you can recognize from the “PRESS” pass. By attending to the LOB student cruise you give us a permission to photograph you and full rights to publish those photos on social media and LOB’s other channels. We will delete photos by request.


Quick buyers offer: buy tickets within the first week of sales and get -10% off your order! The ticket includes a cabin place, an overall patch, a free glass of bubbly at the Starting Show and the whole program of the cruise, not forgetting the other services of Silja Line.


Cabin prices:

C-cabin TBA

B-cabin TBA

Promenade-cabin TBA

A-cabin TBA


Information about cabins

C stands for Cing’s class – when you have to get to the cruise but on a budget 😀 The cabins are located on deck 2, beneath the car deck. Why pay for silence if you’re going to party the whole time? Nicknamed Mordor.

B-class is a budget solution – when you want to get something a bit better, but the amount of time spent there is so little it doesn’t have to be that great!

Promenade is the peeper’s dream – the cabin has a window to the central promenade so you can watch as the world goes by. Remember that others can also see you! Of course you can make a show for your neighbours while changing clothes :’D if you miss your virtual friends, you can get the best wifi in the promenade cabins.

The luxurious A-cabin – a window out to the sea where you can watch the shores of Sweden pass by while going through the morning hangover. A-cabins are where you can enjoy with your friends and your own tv is just the cherry on the top

More information about the cabins from Silja Line.

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